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Primary School

Primary School

A Strong Foundation for Academic & Personal Success.

Our Primary School curriculum is based on the ethos of Positive Education and is strong in both academicrigour and personal development. In Primary School, hands-on experiential learning, investigative work and field trips are a core component of daily life, meshed together with continuous development of students’ different character strengths.

Students are given many opportunities to visit places of interest linked to topics studied in each term and make presentations to their peers on their experiences and findings. Trips to Ecoventure, iFly, Green Planet are common along with other venues that focus on our STEAM Learning pedagogy. Students participate in diverse co-curricular, sport and enrichment activities, which develop their skills and interests, and shape their personalities.

Key Stage 1: Year 1 and 2 (Ages 5 to 7)

Our school’s Primary curriculum for Year 1 and 2 of Key Stage 1 is designed to keep students interested and engaged in their learning and to ensure there is continuation and progression from the Foundation Stage. In Key Stage 1, students are introduced to more formal activities and achieve greater self-reliance.

Through superlative facilities and a warm, colourful and stimulating learning environment strengthened by the values and essence of Positive Education, our educators provide students differentiated and enjoyable learning programmes, rewards for achievement, and a focus on their individual needs so students build their confidence and learning skills.

We also have a strong and knowledgeable team of subject specialists who work in close collaboration with class teachers who teach Arabic, French, Digital Technology (Information, Communication and Technology), PE (Physical Education) and Music. Curriculum delivery is further enhanced through dedicated sessions in the Library and the use of Digital Technologies.

Key Stage 2: Year 3 to 6 (Ages 7 to 11)

Our school’s Primary curriculum in Years 3 to 6 of Key Stage 2 aims to produce confident and competent learners and exceptional communicators. Students develop self-discipline and independence as well as respect, humility and compassion for others, continuing their journey with our Positive Education model.

Students participate in Sports, Digital Technologies, Music, Drama, the Performing Arts and diverse extra-curricular activities, including school, local and national competitions, and develop their personal interests and individual personalities.

Continuing Fortes Education's philosophy, RIS celebrates student achievements so students develop their self-esteem and confidence, raise the bar of their goals, and build their character and enhance their well-being.

As students move through Primary School, they are exposed to more specialised resources and teaching methodologies and progammes.

In Mathematics, from Year 4 onwards, our school employs differentiated teaching strategies ensuring student's individual needs are addressed. Subject specialists teach Physical Education, Digital Technology, Music and second languages like Arabic and French, (as well as Spanish and Russian which are offered depending on parent demand).

The Primary School has Core Subjects as well as Foundation Subjects as below:

Primary Core Subjects Primary Foundation Subjects
Language & Literacy Computing
Numeracy & Mathematics History
Science Geography
  Modern Foreign Languages: Arabic & French
  Art & Design
  Design Technology
  Physical Education
  Personal & Social Development (PSD): Education in Human Values and Islamic Studies for Muslims

In addition to the subjects above, RIS offers a diverse range of sports, co-curricular and enrichment activities to supplement the academic programme.

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