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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Your Child Is Our Top Priority.

The pastoral care of Regent International School was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by KHDA’s DSIB 2016-17 Inspection Report.

At RIS, every member of staff including our Senior Leadership Team, teachers and assistants, are fully committed to the personal welfare of your child and providing a safe, happy and healthy learning environment to them, every day. This is achieved by the following:

Tutorial System

Central to our pastoral care programme is our Tutorial System where each student is assigned a personal Tutor who fosters a close and trusted relationship with each student and the parents, and monitors the emotional, physical, intellectual and creative development of the child. Tutors serve as the main point of contact for the parents. The Tutor meets with each student on a regular basis, discuss concerns the student may have, and together with the student reviews and sets challenging personal targets, and encourages the student to stretch their targets and learning.

Education in Human Values

Our education focuses on developing values, through our Education in Human ValuesTM programme, which nurtures a child’s emotional and spiritual intelligence. This results in the automatic improvement in academic capability.

Parent Engagement

We listen to and take time to understand our parents’ concerns and their child’s needs. We have a strong Parent Engagement Programme providing parents the guidance, infrastructure, resources, tips, and support groups to help them participate in their child’s learning and have a voice in the school.

Student Council

Our Student Council is a body of elected student representatives, which has a voice in the school and influences the school’s development. The Student Council discusses and debates matters like activities, sports, resources, timetables, fund-raising and other matters of importance to students, and then represents the matters to the school’s Senior Leadership Team.


School assemblies are held weekly to recognise academic, sporting and artistic success; reward and recognise exemplary student behaviour; and showcase learning achievements and experiences.

House System

The House System is used to reward good behaviour and attitude; recognise academic, sporting and artistic achievement; and promote a healthy sense of competition. Houses collect points and compete with each other. Each House is led by a House Captain who leads and motivates the House Team. House events take place throughout the year and House meetings termly where students meet to discuss strategy, team selections, events, and have fun.

Health, Safety & Security

RIS, like all Fortes schools, incorporates high health, safety and security standards with a doctor on call, full-time medical nurses on campus, and round-the-clock security guards and security cameras.

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