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Creative Learning


Imagination Unlimited

Students are inspired and challenged to experiment, take creative risks, innovate and find their own voice through participation in a diverse Creative and Performing Arts curriculum comprising art and design, creative writing, music, drama, dance and ballet, debate, public speaking, and many enrichment activities, enhancing their mental and social development, interpersonal and social skills, and self-esteem and confidence.

Creative & Performing Arts Curriculum

Art & Design

Art, design and creative thinking are present in all facets of life. Our Art curriculum, teachers and expansive Art studios provide students ample opportunities to develop their creative thinking and expression and own creative voice.


Music is woven across the entire curriculum at RIS and is central to student and cultural life. RIS benefits from Fortes’ Academy for the Performing Arts and team of professional music teachers who provide students with varied opportunities to learn a variety of musical instruments and skills.

Every student learns an instrument of his choice and many develop mastery and choose to prepare for the Trinity/ABRSM music exams. Gifted students are nurtured to consider music as a choice of higher study, while some choose just to have fun jamming in a band. Regardless, all students develop an appreciation of music and enhance their creativity and self-development.


With a 600 seat Auditorium for the Performing Arts and inspirational drama teachers, RIS provides students the opportunity to access, experience and contribute to various aspects of the creative process from script to stage. All students participate in whole school theatrical productions either as performers or backstage crew. They also regularly enact plays and skits and participate in inter-school competitions.


Dance and movement is a growing part of the curriculum and dovetails with our Music and Drama programme. RIS has a large and impressive dance studio with coaches who nurture students with an interest in this area.

Participation in the Arts Locally

We take students to various festivals and events held locally in Dubai to enrich the learning and broaden the horizons of our students. The festivals and events promote MultiSmart LearningTM and are listed below:

Language (& Linguistic) Smart Activities

  • Dubai Drama Group
  • Dubai International Film Festival
  • Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Visual (& Spatial) Smart Activities

  • Art Dubai
  • DIFC Art Fair
  • Dubai Drama Group
  • Fashion Forward
  • Dubai Design Week
  • Downtown Design
  • Animate Dubai – International Animation Film Festival
  • Dubai International Film Festival
  • Quoz Arts Fest
  • Gulf Photo Plus
  • Design Days
  • Al Marmoom Heritage Festival
  • Middle East Film & Comic Con

Body (or Kinaesthetic) Smart Activities

  • Dubai Fitness Fest
  • We Run DXB – Nike Fitness Run

Music Smart Activities

  • Classical Music Concerts
  • The Jazz Festival
  • Opera in the Park
  • World Classical Music Series

People (& Interpersonal) Smart

  • Dubai Drama Group

Self (& Intrapersonal) Smart Activities

  • Dubai Bake Fest
  • Dubai Food Festival

Check RIS ’s Enrichment activities that also present myriad opportunities for students’ creative learning.

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